Art Parties!!

Desert Rose has opened a new Virtual Tour Service!!  Desert Rose Tours will be offering services to/for artists and their art.  We are taking requests for services, such as:

     -Art/Gallery Tours

-Review Tours

     -Art/Gallery Blitzs, Blasts & Bashes

     -Promo spots & Spotlights

     -Birthday Bashes

     -Other (whatever else you/we can think of!)

What is a virtual art tour?

Well, that’s simple, really.

We (Desert Rose Tours) work with you, and create an awesome event, and spread your creation as far as we can!

Our events work for paintings, sketches, graphic art, pottery, jewelry…basically anything you want to sell or promote.  We have events as quick and easy as collection parades and birthday bashes, to complex events as rockin’ as review tours, and the mega-epic tour!

Sound complicated?  It’s not…not for you, anyway.  Let me explain…

After we work the dates and schedule the event, there’s not much left for you to do.  Here’s what happens:

1. You give us your gallery cover (if you have one) & whatever photo of yourself  for the “artist info” section of the post.  We then take the cover and your photo, and create a media kit with all the information the bloggers need for their post.

2. We send out invites, gather bloggers and hosts, and fill the tour with people who want to celebrate your art!

3. We manage the bloggers, dates, info, and promotions until the tour starts.

4.  We all have an awesome celebration for you and your amazing art! 😀

So, really, your part is very simple.  You just sit back, and enjoy the party, baby! 😉

Now, there are some extra options you may end up picking, to spice up your party.  Lets talk about those:

1. If you select something like an interview, top tens or guest post, then we’ll send you the questions/topics/etc from the few bloggers who sign up for that option.  You answer them, and send them back to us by the date we set- easy peasy, man!

That’s it!  We do the rest!  Most of it is (hopefully) fun for you, and the tedious work is left to us! Sound awesome?  It is 🙂  We’re your party planners, so lets get planning! 😀

*For pricing, questions or more info, please visit our website.

**If you’d like to sign up to be a Tour Host, please fill out this form.

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