Desert Rose Tours Grand Opening Sale!!

It’s finally here!  Desert Rose Tours is out of it’s “breaking ground” stage, and is finally open!  We have a website, we have a bunch of fabulous tour hosts ready to party, and we’re chalk full of great ideas!

After a month of taking time to prep and work out tedious details, we’re back on track, and ready to rock!

To celebrate, we’re going to start off with a sale!  
Any event booked/scheduled from Feb 10th – March 31st will get 30% off!!  Whoot!!
In addition!  
We’re having a raffle giveaway, with 3 winners!!  Every event booked in Feb or March will be entered to win an additional 20% off!*  
That’s right!!
One author, one musician, and one artist will each have an event for half price!  Double-whoot! 😀

We’d love if you could help spread the word- we want to start partying, man!  There’s so much out there to celebrate, so lets spread the word, and start planning some awesome parties!

*Only applicable for events scheduled for May or later.  Cover/Trailer reveals will not be entered.  Any Blast, Blitz or Tour will be eligible for entry, if it’s scheduled for May 1st or later.

For a list of services/events, or to contact us, please visit our website.

New Blog!! :D

Thank you for visiting Desert Rose Tours!!

We’re experimenting with WordPress at the moment, and this blog is still under construction, so please bear with us as we build it up!  We have most of our info on our Review Blog, Desert Rose Reviews.

Once we have our tour site up and running, you can expect to find tour info, current tours that are running, sign ups for future tours, and past tours!

We hope you’ll come back and visit again!

Merry Christmas!

~The Desert Rose Team

P.S. You can contact us easily, using the form below! 😀