About Desert Rose

Rose started the blog Desert Rose Reviews after realizing that book reviewing and blogging combine two of her hobbies and passions: reading and writing. The name “Desert Rose Reviews” is both literal and metaphorical for her, Ken and their life.

While Rose is the main reviewer and blogger, Ken also reviews from time to time, and shares in the posts and updates. He’ll soon become the co-blogger and reviewer, and main editor for Desert Rose.

We have also started a tour service, Desert Rose Tours. While we create the website for that service, we’ll be using this blog for our services as well! Info can be found on our Desert Rose Tours page.

This blog will be used to announce events and sign ups for Desert Rose Tours, once the service is up and running.  It will function along with our primary website, which is still under construction.

Check out this post from Heidi Garrett, about Desert Rose! Includes an interview with both of us! 😀

~Curious About the Blog Banner/Button?~

Our business banner image was created by Ken, the co-owner of Desert Rose. Each part of the image has a meaning for both of us.

The sword is a representation of Ken (he spent his high-school years growing up in Japan, and his name in Japanese means “sword”), and the rose in the hilt of the sword represents Rose. Then the yin yang sign covering the rose, which covers the sword, is the balance we create for each other, and together. Then the dragon represents our life, how it’s dangerous, yet equally mysterious and beautiful 🙂

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